Friends from all walks of life:
Firstly, thank you for your continuous attention and support to Yueteng Electric!
Since its establishment in 2012, Jiangsu Yueteng Electric has gone through more than a decade and gradually developed into a high-tech enterprise with industry potential. We are an emerging technology manufacturer dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and service of electrical equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection in smart grids. In the process of company growth, it is inseparable from the hard work of all employees, the strong support of industry peers, and the leadership and policy support of the Party and the state. Yueteng Electric will continue to uphold the original mission of "focusing on providing high-quality products and services for the power industry" and continue to forge ahead.
When the wind is strong and the tide is flat, one should set sail and break through the waves; when the task is heavy and the road is long, one needs to ride a horse and whip. In the future, Yueteng Electric will build a team of professional talents to jointly provide good products and services for the power industry, be like-minded people running together, and create brilliant new chapters.