• Do you know the operation method of the distribution box?

    2024-05-10 16

    A distribution box is a device used to distribute electrical energy and plays an important role in the power system. Proper operation of the distribution box can ensure the safe distribution and use of electrical energy. Here are some operation methods for distribution boxes.

  • The development trend of secondary microcomputer protection industry in power industry

    2024-05-10 7

    With the continuous development and progress of the electrical industry, microcomputer protection devices have been widely used in the automation control part to replace traditional relays. From the development trend of the industry, microcomputer protection devices are inevitable in the future market. Microcomputer protection devices will inevitably replace traditional relay protection and become the initiative of the secondary part of electrical distribution. The product line of low-voltage microcomputer protection devices will also become more and more perfect.

  • Pay attention to the details of the inlet and outlet lines during the installation of the electric meter box

    2024-05-10 11

    The electric meter box, as a product, has long been integrated into people's daily lives and can be said to be well-known to everyone. Although most friends know about the meter box product, few of them truly understand it. For example, "What details should be paid attention to when installing the inlet and outlet of the meter box?" I believe there are still quite a few friends who are not familiar with it. Here, we will briefly explain the installation details of the meter box and the inlet and outlet precautions:

  • There are safety hazards in the electric meter box - the principle of safe use

    2024-05-10 13

    As a product for protecting electric meters, the correct use of an electric meter box is quite safe. However, improper use can lead to frequent accidents. This is not a exaggeration, but a fact. We can easily see this from the fire accidents in the electric meter box. In fact, there is still an implicit safety hazard in the meter box, which is caused by human factors.